Even if you don’t get a chance to go trick or treating this year, there’s no reason not to make a new candy bag with your little ones. This easy trick or treat bag craft is a wonderful opportunity for some fun family time this Halloween!

Materials needed :

Black card stock

Orange card stock

Green card stock




Plastic bucket (e.g. ice cream pail)

Hot glue (optional)


Double-sided tape

image of craft material for trick or treat bag for kids

Cut a rectangle out of orange card stock, matching the width and the length to the size of the recycled plastic bucket.

Cut a circle out of orange card stock, matching the diameter to the size of the lid of the bucket.

On the green card stock, draw a leaf shape and cut it out.

Cut 3 triangles out of black card stock (for Jack-O’-Lantern’s eyes and nose) and the mouth shape of your choice.

To create the stem, cut a strip (length 2,7”, width 3,1”) of cardboard and roll it up.


Attach double-sided tape to the bucket and cover the bucket with the rectangle you cut out of orange card stock.

Attach the orange rectangle to the bucket with double-sided tape. Then, glue the eyes, nose and mouth to the bucket.



Attach the orange circle to the bucket lid with double-sided tape.

Attach the rolled-up cardboard strip to the center of the lid with hot glue. Attach the green leaf shape to the cardboard roll.


Fill your new trick or treat bag with candy!


trick or treat bag craft for kids


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