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There’s something about mermaids that children find so enchanting that they never seem to go out of style. Whenever we encourage our visitors to give us ideas for new content, we get requests for more mermaid coloring pages for kids. So, while we keep adding new mermaid coloring sheets for your little ones, let us help you navigate through our current printable library.



Children are usually most familiar with “The Little Mermaid”, the Disney version of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, published in 1837. However, the stories about mermaids were inspired by creatures from folktales from around the world and have been circulating for many centuries in different cultures.

In the past, the tales of mermaids were not only told as entertaining fictional accounts. In certain historical periods, many sailors and residents of coastal areas reported mermaid sightings and their contemporaries often accepted their testimonies as truthful.

If your kid ever wondered if mermaids are real, here’s a fun child-friendly video you can watch together:






Since so many kids are fascinated by these magical creatures, it’s a good idea to let the mermaids help us nurture kids’ creativity and introduce them to the foundational math and literacy concepts. Our growing collection contains coloring pages of mermaids and unicorn mermaids, but also color by number, color by addition and subtraction, color by multiplication and color by sight word worksheets.

Just click on the image you’d like to share with your kid and you’ll be taken to the page where you can print out your free mermaid coloring sheet.

mermaid coloring page for kids

mermaids color by number worksheet mermaid coloring page for kids


mermaid color by number (addition and subtraction) math coloring worksheet


mermaid color by number (multiplication) math coloring worksheet


mermaid color by sight word worksheet


unicorn mermaid coloring page


happy unicorn mermaid coloring page for kids


unicorn mermaid color by number math coloring worksheet





Spot the Difference and Hidden Picture games are a great way for your children to boost their observation skills. After they spot the differences and find hidden objects, they can have fun coloring these beautiful mermaids.

Spot the Difference activity gives them the possibility to experiment with colors and color the upper and the lower image in different ways.

mermaid spot the difference worksheethidden picture worksheet for kids featuring mermaids under the sea

Happy coloring and happy learning with our cute little mermaids!


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