Our 6 best free educational apps for kindergarteners include Khan Academy Kids, BrainPOP Jr., PBS Kids Games, Moose Math, Scratch Jr and ABC Mouse (free for teachers). Each app is uniquely designed to combine entertaining games with valuable lessons to keep your child learning throughout the year.

Khan Academy Kids


Khan Academy Kids is designed to put the pace in your hands. You can make use of their handy weekly planners that break down everything your kid needs to learn. You’ll be able to decide how and when they work, which is an essential component of modern education.


Another excellent tool that you can find on this free app is the printable lessons. We get enough screen time these days, so why not take the lessons to pen and paper? Print off the games and lessons using their guide, including math, literacy, writing, coloring, and many more subjects.


This program enables your kindergartener to learn as much if not more than they would in the classroom. Whether you’re trying to supplement their online learning classes or you want to keep their brain working after school, Khan Academy Kids is exactly what you’re looking for.


Check it out HERE.


Brain Pop Jr.


Brain Pop is one of the most popular online learning programs for kids. If you want to find an app that sticks to the basics, then Brain Pop Jr. is an excellent choice. They offer a plethora of immersive games that will keep your kid learning the whole time. The best part is that they won’t even feel like they’re at school!


This free educational app currently offers lessons in math, science, health, reading, writing, social studies, arts, and technology. As they progress through the various stages, the learning becomes more challenging to ensure that they’re always gaining more knowledge.


The reason that so many people keep depending on Brain Pop Jr. over the years is that it has an unrivaled learning platform in the form of games. We all know that children love games, which is why the mixture is such an effective solution for online learning.


Check it out HERE.


PBS Kids


Another popular education brand is PBS Kids. From TV shows to smartphone apps, they continue to educate children of all ages. Their free kids’ gaming mobile app mirrors Brain Pop Jr. in the sense that it takes advantage of gaming to keep the viewer’s attention.


This app also shows you how to find local PBS Kids TV channels, keeping your child entertained throughout the day. They’ll be learning all about math, science, and other useful studies. There are also numerous parental controls that you can use to limit data storage or app usage.


There is such a wide variety of apps that your little ones will surely find something to get excited about. Plum’s Creaturizer is only one example of PBS games that kids love. It’s a simple but fun take on augmented reality. It allows children to make a fictitious creature out of various animal body parts and then go outside and, through the app, place it in an environment that suits its features. When kids head out into the yard to view their creations in their surroundings, they’ll be able to take photographs to share their unique creations with friends and family. There are plenty of questions that come with each creature. Your child will be tasked with figuring out where the animal would live, what it eats, and so on.

The games on this free app are designed for children between the age of 2 to 8. You’ll be able to select the settings to ensure that your child is learning at the desired pace. 


Check it out HERE.


Moose Math


Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose is an app sold for free by Amazon. It uses bright colors and fun cartoons to keep your child learning about all different types of mathematics. Studies have proven that most people learn better in an entertaining environment rather than a basic pen and paper. That being said, they can use these tools to stay ahead of the curve.


As your kindergartener progresses through the different stages of learning, they’ll be able to build a virtual city. This town hosts all sorts of achievements that keep your learner motivated to keep passing through the lessons.


Moose Math also has a performance system that shows them how well they did, which questions that missed, and how they can improve their thought process. If you’re looking for a way to improve your child’s knowledge of mathematics, then this free program is one of the best apps to try.


Check it out HERE.


Scratch Jr.


Scratch Jr. is a kindergartener-friendly version of MIT’s famous coding app Scratch. This tool gives budding coders a chance to create stories, animations and games. Kids can choose and combine different characters, objects and backgrounds. They will learn how to make their characters move according to their instructions by using simple coding blocks.


The excitement of being in control of the characters’ behavior and bringing life to the screen through their imagination will motivate kids to keep improving their programming skills.


Check it out HERE.


ABC Mouse


Since this is a list of FREE educational apps for kindergarteners, we must clarify that ABC Mouse gives you free access to their full online curriculum from preschool to 2nd grade only if you’re a teacher. Non-teachers get a 30-day-FREE trial that can be canceled at any moment.


This famous educational platform offers reading, math, science and art lessons for children ages 2 to 8. There’s also an advanced lesson category that children can try between the ages of 8 to 13.


Among over 10,000 different activities to try, every kid is sure to find something they will both enjoy and learn from. The app provides real-time, proven stats that show how quickly they make progress.


This learning app has won numerous awards, making it a top pick for parents who want to keep their child updated with the latest and greatest educational technology. With 10 levels and 850+ lessons and a 30-day-FREE trial, it’s a no-brainer!


Check it out HERE.



Let us know if you already tried out any of these free educational apps for kindergarteners. If you’re interested in amazing STEM websites for kids, check out our recommendations HERE.

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